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My Scratch-built Sci-fi Models

Battlestar Galactica!


This is my model of the Battlestar Galactica!

I built it from scratch and it took me 5 months! This is a group of pictures made up from some polaroids I shot of it right after I built it back in the late 1970's. I still have it but it needs to be repaired and repainted before I can make any real good shots of it! It is made of balsa, cardstock, tubing and many, many parts from various model kits plus some scrap blanks from where I worked when I was building it!

Star Wars!

The Millennium Falcon!


This is my model of the Millennium Falcon!

This model was built using cardstock and some balsa. I used grey spray paint and then markers and colored pencils for the detailing! You can't see it but I even made a full cockpit and landing pads! This is the only shot I have of it as I had to leave it behind when we moved from Cleveland OH down here to NC in 1983!

AT-AT Walker!

(Detailed description of model under last picture)

Construction shots


Finished, undetailed model


Finished and fully detailed model!


This is my AT-AT Walker!

This model was made using cardstock, balsa aheeting and some maple stock (legs). I made this model from plans I drew up from 8mm film of the movie. I projected thefilm on the wall where I had placed a large sheet of paper and traced the outline of the walker (With Luke Skywalker hanging below as reference). I also traced the outline from a rear shot and front shot of the head from other scenes. I scaled it down and went to work. I used a bandsaw and sander at work to cut and sand the leg parts. This one like the Battlestar Galactica was painted grey but on this one I used my airbrush for detailing of blaster marks and various other stains. As with the Battlestar Galactica model this one is in need of repair and when I get the chance I will hopefully be putting up some better pictures of it!